Scientific Production Company Communication-Service

Products & Services

Power amplifiers

High frequency communication equipment

Converters and heterodyne devices

Low noise amplifiers

Receiving-transmitting modules (APAC)

Repair and service

Company benefits

High reliability due to the relevant organization;

Production, compliance with technological processes, the use of imported components;

Wide service capabilities;

Ease of use;

Compliance of all technical specifications with standards, all equipment has certificates of compliance of the Ministry of Communications of Russia, licenses of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Roscosmos, as well as a certificate for the quality system in accordance with ISO9001

The company office is situated in Krasnoyarsk, in Academgorodok

Produces high quality communication equipment of high frequency (HF) and super high frequency (SHF) range.

Power amplifiers, low noise producing amplifiers, converters, heterodynes, receiving transmitting devices APAC, filters, waveguide, coaxial and directed couplers, power separators and summators.


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