About the company

LLC SPC Communication-Service was created on 1 April, 1997 by the employees of a leading electronic industry company – Krasnoyarsk scientific research radio communication institute. The company specializes in developing and production of equipment for the systems of relay, troposcatter, satellite and mobile communication as well as for television.

LLC SPC Connection-Service also carries out repair and modifying of communication equipment, provides warranty and post-warranty service.

Our equipment has all the advantages characteristics for leading international production companies:

  • High reliability level due to proper production organization, compliance with technological processes, use of imported element base;
  • Good service capabilities;
  • Convenience in operation;
  • Conformance of all the technical characteristics to the standards, all the equipment has conformance certificates of the Ministry of Communication in Russia, Roskosmos as well as a quality certificate in accordance with ISO9001.

Our products have proved to be successful in work in al the regions of the country and in work in different operational conditions.

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