RF Amplifiers

Devices for television transmitters
1Preamplifier umtv-iii-42,5 W170-230 MHz
2Tv-i-100 television transmitter100 W48-64 MHz
3Tv-i-250 television transmitter250 W48-64 MHz
4Tv-i-500 television transmitter500 W48-64 MHz
5Tv-ii-100 television transmitter100 W76-100 Mhz
6Tv-ii-250 television transmitter250 W76-100 MHz
7Tv-ii-500 television transmitter500 W76-100 MHz
8TV transmitter tv-iii-5050 W174-230 MHz
9TV transmitter tv-iii-100100 W174-230 MHz
10Tv-iii-250 television transmitter250 W174-230 MHz
11TV transmitter tv-dmv-5050 W470-862 MHz
12TV transmitter tv-mv-100100 W470-862 MHz
13TV transmitter tv-mv-250250 W470-862 MHz
14TV transmitter tv-dmv-500500 W470-862 MHz
15Digital tv transmitter dvb-t tv-dmv470-862 MHz
16TV transmitter (former) tv-i-11 W48-64 MHz
17TV transmitter (former) tv-ii-11 W76-100 MHz
18TV transmitter (former) tv-iii-11 W174-230 MHz
19TV transmitter (former) tv-dmv-11 W470-862 MHz
20RF power amplifier UM0.5-200, UM0.2-250, UM0.8-50, UM0.8-30050 to 300 watts175 to 900 MHz
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