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Low noise amplifiers

      Low noise amplifiers (LNA) by LLC SPC Communication-Service are provided for most used frequencies. LNA are designed for operation as a part of ground satellite stations and relay lines working in L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka ranges. Latest achievements in the field of semiconducting technology (HEMT and GaAs) are used in these LTAs to provide optimal characteristics and high level of reliability.

Standard characteristics
  • low coefficient of standing wave at input and output voltage;

  • sealed body;

  • proof from voltage fluctuations and transient process;

  • low noise temperature;

  • relay system of sending deficiency signals;
Extra potentialities
  • reservation 1:1, 1:2 and double reservation 1:1;

  • rejecting filter of transmitting signals;

  • power supply from a dc supply of 12V, 27V, 48V, 60V;

  • ingate availabilit.

Basic technical and operational characteristics:

Characteristic Technical requirements
1 Working frequencies rang From 0,8 up to 18 ГГц
2 Maximum transmittal coefficient in the working frequencies range Up to 40 dB
3 Irregular frequency in the working frequencies range 1.0 dB
4 Input/output VSWR, not more than 1.3/1.3
5 Equivalent noise temperature From 40 up to 300

Operational conditions:
  • Working temperature of the environment:

    • 278 К (5оС) ... 323 К (50оС);

    • 233 К (-40оС) … 328 К (55оС);

  • Maximum admissible temperature of the environment when not working: 218 К (- 55оС) ... 333 К (60оС),

  • Humidity is not more than 98% at the temperature of not more than 298 К (25оС),

  • Atmospheric low pressure 1.2*10*4 PA (90 mm Hg) during air transportation.

Reliability criteria:
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF), not less than: 20000.0 hours

  • Service period: 10 years

  • Warranty service period: 3 years.

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