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Receiving-transmitting modules (APAC)

      Receiving-transmitting module APAC (Active Phasing Antenna Cage) is referred to antenna equipment. APAC consists of total number of solid-state receiving-transmitting modules. The production of the receiving-transmitting modules of various frequencies range is carried out by our company.

Name Equal Working frequencies range
Receiving-transmitting modules APAC
1 Receiving-transmitting module PmPd-1.2/1.3-70 60 Wt/100 dB 1,2-1,3 GHz/70 МHz
2 Receiving-transmitting module PmPd -2,3/2,0-140 2 Wt/100 dB 2,0-2,3 GHz/140 МHz
3 Receiving-transmitting module PmPd -17,5/12,0-1000 5 Wt/60 dB 12,0-17,5 GHz/1000 МHz
4 Receiving-transmitting module Pm/Pd -14,0-1000 2 Wt/40 dB 14,0-14,5 GHz/1000 МHz


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